E.A.T. Initiative Honors Mentorship Academy Graduates with Knife Skills to Life Skills Student Celebration

Students Learned Necessary Skills for Careers in the Hospitality Industry

Caption: Mentorship Academy Students Receive Cookware and Certifications to Kickstart Hospitality Careers

Pictured (Left to Right): Marques Turner, Jaimere Brown, Chef Claudy Pierre, Bre Swales, Jaquan Benton


Chef Claudy Pierre and the E.A.T. Initiative celebrated the achievements of eight Mentorship Academy graduates at its Student Celebration Tuesday, August 23. All students were recognized for completing the course, while others were commended for earning ServSafe certifications, which accredits food handling and safety skills.

Graduates from CNX Foundation’s Mentorship Academy completed an eight-week hospitality training program to prepare them for culinary or hospitality careers in the Pittsburgh and Appalachian regions. 

The program, called Knife Skills To Life Skills, is directed by Chef Pierre, CEO and President of the E.A.T. Initiative, a non-profit organization that empowers food secure cities throughout the Pittsburgh region to source, procure and prepare their own healthy food.

Watch a recap of the event here:

To learn more about Knife Skills to Life Skills participation, please visit www.eatinitiative.org. Read more about the Mentorship Academy at www.cnx.com/about-us/the_mentorship-academy.

About The Mentorship Academy

The Mentorship Academy is an initiative of CNX Foundation and part of CNX’s commitment to investing in its local community. The Mentorship Academy prepares 11th and 12th grade high school students from economically challenged rural and urban communities to be impactful citizens, workers and family members through transformative learning, community engagement and leadership development.


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About CNX Foundation

About CNX Foundation

The CNX Foundation is a registered 501c(3) philanthropic organization that invests tangibly, impactfully, and locally targeting urban and rural communities within the Appalachian Basin that face socio-economic challenges. With a commitment of $30 million over six years and a focus on underserved populations, the CNX Foundation seeks to set a new standard for how corporations engage with their communities. Additional information, including funding criteria and grant application details can be found at www.cnx.com/foundation.